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COVID-19 Policy

As COVID-19 information evolves day-to-day it is my this store's top priority to keep everyone safe.ย We've taken pride in keeping a clean shop and intend to continue to do this with any extra recommended procedures to keep you, our customers, the community, and our self safe.


1) All packages are packaged in an area cleaned with an EPA regulated disinfectant.

2) They are packed up by someone wearing gloves and a mask.

3) Shipmentsย are handled as little as possible, in a well ventilateย area, and handled by as few people as possible.

4) A UV air purifier recommended to help disinfect the air is used in the packing and shipment space.ย 

Thank you for understanding the new returns & refunds policy, and for continuing to support this store. YOU are the true heroes of small businesses like this one. Thank you!