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Perfectly Clean

SPELL Skincare

Formulated with a water-activated oil that lightly foams in water. This powerful yet gentle cleanser melts away makeup, pollutants, and excess sebum.  It helps protect the skin's barrier then easily rinses away leaving skin feeling balanced, soft, and clean for the perfect finish.

Why we love it:

We adore all the SPELL cleansers for different reasons, but (shhhh) this is our favorite! Oil cleanser is perfect for everyone and every skin type. It cleans off makeup without needing a special makeup remover (we do sometimes still want a bonus one for that hard to get at lash line), and the geranium essential oil not only balances hormones but smells divine!

Instructions: For best results apply nickel to quarter amount to dry skin with dry hands. Rub in circles for 30 seconds. Wet fingertips and rub again for 30 seconds letting cleanser get milky. Rinse completely with water.