How Chocolate Reduces Wrinkles

January 04, 2021

How Chocolate Reduces Wrinkles

Why is chocolate so good in skincare? Well chocolate has a bunch of antioxidants and helps bind moisture to the skin by speeding up oxygen uptake topically this is why I love using products with cocoa peptides, stem cells, enzymes, and chocolate of all kinds.

This is why I adore SPELL Skincare for having a chocolate duo inΒ Fortifying and Polishing. It's a 1+2 skincare punch!

Fortifying moisturizer is great for hydrating dry winter skin. Since it's a "APV" it's perfect for "aging" "pigmentation" and "very dry" skin but still acne safe. It feels lightweight even if it has a lot of hydrating power!

Polishing Enzyme Exfoliant has some cocoa enzyme in it and you'll love using it. There is nothing like fruit and chocolate am I right? Get rid of the dull, dry, flaking winter skin and let your hydration really work for you.

Together they bust down wrinkles, pigmentation, and help reduce acne if you've been on something that's more clogging to the skin.

So yeah after the holiday season and heck a year like 2020 I'm all in on rubbing some cocoa on my skin and leaving it out of my belly for just a little bit. ;)

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