Cactus Cloth

Your Skin Fitness

100% natural cactus fibers woven into an exfoliating cloth polishes skin, removes dulling, dead cells while it stimulates lymph and blood circulation. Increased circulation aids in the removal of impurities under the surface and increases oxygen supply to skin cells. It can be used over and over again both dry or wet. Especially good for getting rid of, and keeping ingrown hairs away. Extra-long for your back.


Why we love it: Throw out all your other body scrubbing tools, lotions, and potions away because once you go cactus fiber you never go back! Whether you are using the mitt or the large cloth the magic is in the fiber itself. Unlike loofahs that pull vital sponges from the sea or synthetic plastic puffs that are pretty much useless and going to be garbage in the landfill in a few weeks, The Cactus Cloth products are made up of cactus pulp bi-product from making tequila! It's 100% natural, biodegradable, and best of all the fiber itself holds excellent benefits for the skin such as added hydration, deep but gentle exfoliation, and the texture of the fiber picks up hair off the skin during scrubbing helping reduce and repair ingrown hairs. We started using this when our waxer forced us to buy it saying she'd fire our asses if we didn't use it. To this day we can't live without it! Our users talk about how they keep a few spares on hand for visiting friends, and we've been known to overnight these to travelers who've forgotten them on their vacation.

Ingredients: cactus fiber