Alexandria Professional

Designed to enhance their pioneering body sugaring services and other forms of hair removal and epilation Alexandria Professional's products support healthy, natural solutions for any skin concerns to improve the overall condition of your skin.


About Alexandria Professional Products

A company started to support their hair removal professionals, Alexandria Professional has a line of body/skincare which can help keep your skin (wherever it may be) healthy for day to day life as well as pre and post sugar epilation. 


Why We Love Them

Removing hair off your body can be a hairy situation, but when you have the proper tools to prep your skin and take care of it after it goes much smoother. Alexandria Professional understands what products you and your skin need to keep you soft, smooth, and irritation free. It just so happens those products are often good for skin all over the body AND face! Their Hungarian mud is one of our favorite things and Injablu may be hard to say, but it helps irritation and pain while keeping the skin soft and hydrated.


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