Glow With The Flow Starter Package Facial Reflexology Consult

your Skin Fitness

Healthy skin comes from within and reaching those areas can come from points on the face. With just 5-10min a day of following your custom Glow With the Flow recipe you’ll see stunning changes by activating points on your face that connect to linked places in your body that need support and balance. Best of all you can do this work while lounging in front of the tv, sitting on a Zoom call, or catching a moment of free time with a glass of wine in the bathroom at 2am.

Beginners Glow With The Flow Package which includes:

👉 Initial 30 min consult to create your custom recipe designed to work on the three things you are most concerned with.

🎉Your recipe!

👉 A 30 min guided walk-through of your recipe so you know just what to do daily.

👉15 min check-in 2 weeks later to see how everything is going.

🌟An update of your recipe to include any minor changes that may be needed now that you are advancing and healing!

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