Natural Lash Probiotic Lash Growth Serum


Get longer thicker lashes and eyebrows without the irritation and side effects from other growth serums. With 16 active ingredients, 7 botanicals, 3 probiotics, 6 peptides, and no prostaglandins you just get lash growth, volume, and thickness from increased circulation and nourishment.

Why we love it: You want naturally long thick lashes that bump your sunglasses and are so thick you never need mascara again?! For the first time ever we can all use this lash growth serum without fear of changing our eye color or making the skin of our eyelid so irritated it just wasn't worth it. All natural and made of botanicals, probiotics, and peptides Natual Lash may have the worst name ever but don't judge cuz it's what's inside that counts. Our lashes have never looked more amazing.


Category: product

Type: Serum

Vendor: Roccoco