Velvet Smooth Body Cream


Velvet Smooth is the body cream your dry, scaly, rough as heck skin has been looking for. Designed to improve eczema and that bumpy, rashy skin on the back of arms and legs called keratosis pilaris, the prebiotics and botanicals extracts optimize your own skins' hydration, providing immediate and long-lasting results with protection from the environment too. 

Why we love it: Unlike other body lotions that either disappear (uh hello where did you go??) or leave your skin feeling slick and gross, Velvet Smooth balances with and enhance your own barrier function with ceramide making skin 1100% more hydrated according to studies -WOW! We get a smoother shave and wax thanks to ingredients that help regulate keratin (that's the stuff that your hair is made of) and best of all it smells softly of strawberries without being overpowering, something even our most sensitive sniffers were happy about!

Type: Body Care

Vendor: Roccoco